About Bree

  Bree Kotas found her path through a life changing experience at a young age. She grew up dancing and performing until she was forced to change paths when she broke her ankle. She found herself with a wonderfully inspiring physical therapist. He showed her how powerful it can be to help people heal. So she started on her journey with massage just thinking it would be an introduction into the physical therapy world. Half way through her first round of massage education, at Bryman College in Anaheim, California, she realized she had a knack for massage! By the end of her 750 hour program in 2006, her main focus had changed to massage.  

After 10 years of the normal massage therapist routine, she needed so much more! More knowledge, more modalities, more tools, just more! She wanted to do more with massage than your typical session you can find almost anywhere. Beautifully, the perfect school was presented to her. Bree began and quickly completed her second 750 hour massage program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. This time graduating with an Associates of Occupational Studies Degree in Holistic Health Care focusing on Reflexology, becoming a Reiki Master, and beginning her journey with Medical Massage.  

Bree plans to change the way America views massage. She intends to create larger awareness around Pediatric Massage and start our self –care habits at a much younger age. Bree lives by the thought “if you think you can, you can.” She encourages all of her clients to think positively about their bodies and to find the good. Realizing that is not always the easiest, but is definitely worth the challenge.